Letter To My First-Born

Photo: Cat Sims

Dear Billie,
It’s been a little rough for you recently. You think I haven’t noticed but I have. You don’t yet have the words to full explain why you feel immensely pissed off a lot of the time, but don’t worry babe. I understand and I’m sorry.In a few years time you’ll be so grateful that me and your Daddy decided to add another mewling, spewing, vomming member to Team Sims. I promise you that when she is old enough for you to share secrets with, to play hide and seek with, to cuddle up on the sofa and share a bowl of popcorn with while you watch whatever the next Pitch Perfect is you’ll be so pleased that we made that choice. When you have your first kiss, get your first boyfriend, fall out with your best friend…it’ll be your younger sister that you talk to about it and I promise you’ll be pleased that she’s there. But for now, she’s a pain in the ass. I get it.I’m pretty sure you miss hanging out with me like we used to. I’m sure it feels a bit like anger and frustration but trust me, it’s just a little bit of sadness. Maybe it’s a lot of sadness. I know you can’t understand that so instead you do a lot of shouting and banging and throwing shit around but know this: I’m still here for you. I still love you more than oaty bars and you will always be my beautiful, brave and oh so smart first born baby.The fact that my attention is probably 75% focused on your little sister is something I’m just as unhappy about as you are. Unfortunately though, it’s just the way it has to be right now. Your little sister relies (more or less exclusively) on my boobs for life which means that I can never really be that far away from her. She’s also a needy little bugger so when I’m around she pretty much wants to be held which means that even when I’m with you, I’m paralysed. Baking, cutting, sticking, gluing, painting…it’s all oh so hard to do with you but boy do I wish I could.I want you to know it really sucks for me too. Even though I know what the cause of your anger is and even though I know why you shout at me a lot and why you refuse to nap or play nicely or eat your dinner most nights, it makes me sad that we did this to you. It’s only temporary (everything is temporary in this parenting lark) but I wish we could just skip to that part where we’ve all settled down and you can’t remember a time before your little sister arrived.I hate that we’re going through that stage where any attention for you is worth it which means that you may stare directly in my eyes while you tip your milk on the table. You will tell me you’re really hungry and then when we put dinner in front of you, you look at it and scream that you don’t want to eat dinner. You know this kind of thing makes me mad and you do it so that, even if it’s only for the duration of a time out, you have my undivided attention. While your theory is admirable, it’s also misguided. Plus, we’ve figured out how to deal with it which is to totally ignore it which, while effective, is hard.I don’t want to ever have to ignore you.I guess what I want to say is, I’m sorry. I’m sorry to turn your world upside down without first consulting you or fully preparing you (it’s not really possible to do either of those things, but we can wish). I’m sorry that I give you a lot of one-armed cuddles. I’m sorry that I say, ‘Stop!’ and ‘Don’t’ when you give Bo a cuddle or a stroke because it’s actually a strangle hold and a poke in the eye. I’m sorry that I make you shouty and I’m sorry that I shout. I’m sorry that I’m tired and short of patience sometimes. I’m sorry that I have to put you to bed with only one story instead of three because Bo is crying and it’s her bedtime too and Daddy went away with work.But you know what I’m not sorry for? I’m not sorry that we decided to have a second child. I’m not sorry that we gave you a best friend for life, a playmate in your younger years, a drinking buddy in your later years, a soul sister forever. I know it’s rough now, but trust me, every girl needs a sister and soon you’ll see that her arrival is actually the best thing that could have happened to you instead of the worst.Above all Billie, Bear Cub, Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins, Baggins, Bags, Bagsquins, Munch…I love you.
Soon, one day not long from now, I’ll have both my hands (and boobs) back and I promise I’ll be back, full-time, all the time, soon.
Soon my dear…Mama x

Photo: Cat Sims

Photo: Richard Bailey


Written by Cat Sims, a freelance writer, co-founder and director of small business consultancy agency Hustle + Fox. She’s mum to Billie and Bo and you can read her fantastic ‘no bullshit baby tales’ on the blog Not So Smug Now.






We are eternally entwined

Photo: @mymamamusings

Photo: @mymamamusings

The following letter was written by mum of four boys Cherie, who’s blogs at My Mama Musings. You can also find more of her beautiful pictures on her Instagram feed.

To my darling, Darwin.

This letter, I guess will start as an apology and end with a promise. You were my third baby. I had already had one difficult pregnancy and a difficult delivery. Then I had you. When you arrived we had not long started going down the route that eventually lead to Zachary’s Autism diagnosis. It was hard, however we all got through it. But in all honesty, I was a mess. I put on a smile everyday, but inside I guess, really, I felt broken.

You are about to turn 4 and you haven’t had it easy. You have had problems with your ears and ultimately your ability to communicate has been compromised. You’ve struggled. It breaks my heart to think how much you have struggled. I think sometimes I do this as I feel the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. You have had to contend with a Mama distracted by your other siblings and then another turbulent pregnancy and delivery. Although I have always tried to make sure you get the support you need, it hasn’t been with the same open heart I have done it for your brothers. I am sorry.

I am sorry for every time I have shouted, for every time I have got frustrated over feeling touched out, For every time you have have repeated the same word over and over and I just haven’t been able to understand what you were trying to say, I am sorry for being so tired, so worn down, I am sorry for every time you have needed me and I haven’t been there and I am sorry I haven’t been the parent I have wanted to be. You don’t know it, but I have been fighting my own battle inside and at times I have wanted to just walk away.

Mama is feeling better now and I can see past my failings to the opportunities presented to me now. This is where my promise starts. I promise everyday to try and do better. To be the Mama you want, need and deserve. I promise to look into your eyes and see your vulnerability. I promise to protect you. I promise not to feel frustrated that you need more help, support and love than I have previously given you. I promise to try my best and I promise to understand and accept that sometimes ‘good enough’ is more than enough from both of us.

I love this photo of you. You were poorly and had stripped off your clothes and fell asleep, half lying, half standing on the sofa. I looked at you and it hit me right in my heart. Just how vulnerable you are. You are so capable and self sufficient, but you need me, in many different ways. You need me and I need you. I will always be here for you. My small, sweet boy. Even when you are no longer small and no longer a boy, but a man. I will always be here for you, I always have been. You hold my heart within yours and I have yours within mine. We are eternally entwined.

I will love you forever

Your Mama x



I place a tremendous value on photographs. Whilst I don’t want to sound too twee and sentimental about it, they’re treasures to me. But in a digital age instead of enjoying them often, I tend to stash them away. I take care to store them safely under a virtual lock and key, backed up in an external hard drive, cloud storage wilderness. Our cherished moments, milestones and memories.

A little while ago I spotted my friend Claire (Ned In The Clouds) using some Inkifi prints for her sons’ scrapbook. I loved the style and after finding out a little bit more about the company and their ethos I instantly liked them.

Inkifi was set up by friends Jim and Paul who met back in the 90s, in a little surf town in North Wales. After returning from their travels together, they wanted to print their images but couldn’t find anyone that provided great quality as well as being environmentally friendly at a reasonable price and so, Inkifi was born.

‘Printing that leaves an imprint on your soul, not the planet.’

One of the things I really love is that respect for nature is at the heart of Inkifi’s business ethos. They take pride in creating stylish products which are also kind to nature, by sourcing 100% sustainable materials.

My Inkifi Order

I started with some classic square prints as well as some of the mini squares. I intend on framing some of the square prints and now I’ve seen the mini squares I’m planning on getting some more printed and making little gifts tags with them for Christmas.

Photo: Inkifi Mini Squares 6cm x 6cm

In the past I’ve used too many print services that have left me disappointed. They can differ widely in terms of the colour quality and holding your prints can leave you feeling they’re a little rushed in terms of the quality control. When my Inkifi prints arrived I was impressed with the quality of the card stock they’re printed on, with a smooth matte finish which is understated but beautiful. They’d clearly taken care when producing and packing them too. Nothing fancy, just cleverly packaged to prevent any damage and all done with sustainable materials.

Photo: Inkifi Photostrips 20cm x 5cm

Playing around with the prints, I’ve found that the matte finish works really well with the journaling I do.

Photo: Letters To Loved

I’ve used several companies for photobooks before, sometimes as gifts and also for us to have as coffee table books at home. Whilst previous ones have passed as acceptable, the quality has never quite lived up to what’s promised. There’s something about the ‘shininess’ and the paper quality that doesn’t quite do it for me and like with prints, they can be a little hit-and-miss with the colour trueness. I can honestly say*, that this is by far the best quality photobook I’ve ever had printed and will definitely being getting more. I went for the Square Hard Cover Book with a full size slip cover printed print front and back with my photos, which also has a really premium, smooth finish to it. Inside, the hardcover itself is covered with Chobi Colorado cloth and the paper is carbon neutral Mowhawk paper, created using 100% virgin fibre from FSC managed sources.

Photo: Inkifi Square Hard Cover Photobook

Photo: Inkifi Square Hard Cover Photobook

Photo: Inkifi Square Hard Cover Photobook

I purchased my order through the Inkifi website but they also have a really handy app available for both both iOS and Android devices, making printing directly from your phone and Instagram easy peasy.

This isn’t a sponsored post nor have I received any free goods in return for a review. But I want to share because I genuinely love mine and I would recommend them to anyone who wants beautiful printing that is also environmentally responsible.

Inkifi have kindly offered Letters To Loved readers 20% off with the code LETTERSTOLOVED20 which will be valid until January 1st 2018.


*Whilst Inkifi have kindly offered 20% discount for Letters To Loved readers, this post was NOT sponsored in any way, all products were paid for in full.


I wanted to try and put into words a mother’s love

Photo: @frankie_leigh

The following letter was written by Frankie Leigh for her little girl Luna. You can follow them both on Instagram.

To my baby girl,
I wanted to try and put into words a mother’s love. When I look at you, some days I feel so overwhelmed by how much I love you. It scares me how protective I feel of you. A mother’s love makes me want to pull you close and keep you wrapped up forever, while also being so excited to see you grow, become your own person and go off on incredible adventures. Even if it takes you across the world, I’ll be there being your biggest cheerleader with a tear in my eye. It is the kind of love that makes the days you countdown to bedtime, end up with me watching you sleep because I feel bad wishing the last few hours away and I miss you. It drags you out of bed, even when you are so tired you can barely open your eyes, because you have had a nightmare or don’t feel well. And you enjoy the fact that despite it being 2am, that you are the person to sooth the worries and make you feel better. It is a love that is all consuming. When we are apart, I think of you all the time; if you are ok and having fun, what next adventure we can go on. It’s the kind of love that keeps you awake at night worrying about all manner of things. It causes you to feel so much pride you want to tell strangers the new thing you have learnt. It is loving someone so much that they are your highest priority.
Some days I’m sure we will fight and you won’t agree with my decisions. But please know my baby girl, it really is all for you, even if you can’t always see it. It’s to keep you safe and to help you make the right decisions long term. A mother’s love is the best feeling in the world and I am so lucky you are mind.
Remember this always and forever (especially when you are 16!)
Mama xxx

You have taught me more than I could ever hope to teach you.

Photo: @thismindfulmama


This beautiful letter was written by Beth for her son Marty and you can follow them and their family on Instagram.






To my darling boy,

You were my long awaited first baby and after a turbulent pregnancy and birth you were placed gently in my arms, together at last, we have been inseparable ever since. You are 8 now but if I close my eyes I can still remember the feeling of your tiny frame against my chest and your wise old eyes staring straight through to my soul.

You were around 6 months old when I noticed things were different. You couldn’t cope with loud cafes or busy shops, you shunned away from bright lights and you were repetitive in your movements. You seemed uncomfortable in your skin, never quite content, but they say a mothers love is blind and I buried those feelings of difference, because to me you were perfect just as you were and I didn’t want anyone to tell me otherwise.

Toddlerhood was filled with laughter and meltdowns both epic in proportion, you started lining up toys and watching the same movie on repeat. You regressed in speech barely putting two words together yet could recite word for word your favourite story book, which I later learned was echolalia, autism speak for repeating words and phrases previously heard.

The weekly trips that I put us through trying to fit into toddler groups, which would inetivably end in both of our tears seem so fruitless now but looking back I so desperately wanted to fit in. If only I’d realised that you were born to stand out it would have saved us both a lot of heartache.

I’d heard of Autism before of course, it was just a word that had no meaning but by the time you were 4 it was my most googled phrase.

I didn’t want to label you or admit to anyone that my baby boy didn’t fit society’s version of normal, whatever that is and so I kept it to myself, not really telling anyone my worries although over time I found out our nearest and

dearest were googling too.

I think the thing that upset me most when I devoured the words on the screen were that your quirks were bullet pointed as traits, as things that were Autism instead of things that were you. I wasn’t okay with that and couldn’t get my head around the fact that you could be both, that you may have Autism but that you are not Autism.

We carried on regardless through pre-school which caused us both much anxiety. You spent your days there rewriting out the alphabet again and again as a coping mechanism, I was told it was good for you, that it may make you interested in others, but you didn’t play or join in and for nearly two years there were endless tummy aches, shutdowns and tears.

I thought I was doing the right thing or possibly the only thing, preparing you for the big wide world but I was wrong and it’s my biggest regret. In those two years I lost you, you withdrew into yourself, a big ball of pressure and worry. Luckily by chance I stumbled across home education and realised that by trying to fit you into this world I was denying you the chance to be yourself and so I set us both free, to be together, to go at your own pace, to just be. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. You now have friends and the freedom just to be you, we live our lives on our own terms and we’ve been learning and adventuring ever since.

You are gentle and you are kind, ferocious and wild, you say my name a thousand times a day and repeat question after question that you know the answer to just because you like the way it sounds. You have specialist interests that consume your every waking day, you are obsessive in your thinking and you could talk for hours about the merits of Amazon verses eBay, FYI it’s Amazon every time.

You have to work harder than the average child just by doing life, clothes are scratchy, food is smelly, people are noisy, they speak a language you can’t keep up with and yet you try every single day, one foot in front of the other, fall, get up, repeat, through tears and shaky hands, both yours and my own.

Thankfully there’s a language that doesn’t use words, or idioms, you don’t need to read between the lines to understand it, that’s the language of love and we’ve got that in spades.

You were 7 when you were diagnosed as autistic but you are so much more than that one word, I could use a thousand words and it still wouldn’t come close to describe everything that you are. You are just you, Marty, a boy who loves sonic the hedgehog and climbing trees, midnight feasts and bare bottoms.

They say that parents are meant to teach their children the ways of the world, but you have taught me more about courage, determination and life than I could ever hope to teach you.

Continue being you, beautiful, glorious you and I will always give you the freedom to soar, together we can fly.

Love you to infinity,