Thank you for your interest in contributing a letter.

I started Letters To Loved by writing letters to my daughter. Sometimes it was easy but other times I was uninspired or struggled to find the right words for what I wanted to say. So I began researching other peoples letters and found so many beautiful words of love and wisdom from parents throughout history. I decided I’d try to add to that collection.

My aim is to keep the content as varied as possible and so letters are currently categorised into the following:

  • Wellbeing (physical and mental)
  • Self
  • Career
  • Education
  • Emotions
  • Funny
  • Lists
  • Parenting
  • Politics
  • Relationships
  • Family (your child’s family)

All letters will be posted with a short bio including links to any social accounts / blogs / website etc. so please include all the relevant urls you’d like to be included with your submission, which can be emailed to

Thank you!


Creator of Letters To Loved