Featured Artist : Bonnie Doman

On her work’s past, present and future

PAST: I did a one year foundation course in Art at Kingston College and from there I went on to do a degree in Visual Communication at Camberwell College of Art. We all left with no real skills to speak of (there was only one computer between all of us)  but we did leave with the ability to think sideways about things which proved very useful when I landed a job in Advertising with my twin sister shortly afterwards. We worked as a creative team ( I was the Art Director, she was the writer) for 12 years working on all sorts of campaigns for big brands like Mars, Sainsbury’s and Volvo. It’s was a very fun, crazy time but also incredibly stressful and once I had my first child I just couldn’t see how I could make both work, having a family and working the hours I used to do. Once my second child was born I knew I’d made the right choice not going back.
PRESENT: I now mainly work with Advertising Production Companies along side their Directors helping put together their visual ideas for TV commercials. I do image research, put together visuals in Photoshop and use my illustration and photography skills. It’s very full on but for only a few days at a time. As I’m freelance I can also work on my own projects, like illustration. I’m very lucky that every job I do is different. I’ve just launched a range of alternative valentines postcards with my sister, well they are not just for valentines but for love anytime and for anyone who’s partner spends too much time on social media. Our husbands say they are a bit autobiographical!
FUTURE:I’d love to do more illustration work. I don’t really have a style as I tend to go with what fits the brief the best. I used to draw pet portraits on to ceramic plates, for example, they were hugely popular. I would like to get better at using Illustrator but then again I like just being able to pick up a pencil and sketch something. I’m talking with a few shops to stock the cards I’ve produced with my sister which is great and I’d like to make more things with her. I would like to work on more collaborations actually as it can be very lonely working by yourself all day. I’d like to get a puppy to keep me company but I’m terrified it will be like having a third child or I won’t get any work done I’ll just spend all day drawing it!… if it sat still long enough.
To see more of Bonnie’s work visit www.bonniedoman.com

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