The beat to my heart.

Artwork: Letters To Loved


Image: Alex @asideorderofme



The following letter was written by Alex for her beautiful daughter Phoebe. You can read more of Alex’s work though her blog A Side Order Of Me or follow her and Phoebe on Instagram



To my Phoebe Cecily Violet

A million words I could say to you.

The beat to my heart.

I hope you know this is all about you.

I didn’t think we were meant to be.

You proved me wrong.

I didn’t think I needed you.

You showed me I did.

I thought I was okay before you.

You made me realise I wasn’t.

I was never very good at patience.

Now I am bordering on being a saint.

I didn’t know a child could make you feel like that.

You make me feel everything.

I didn’t know happiness felt like this.

Now it is all I know.

I thought I was always going to be alone.

Now I will always have you.

Thank you for choosing me PCV,

I am yours today, tomorrow and forever.

Mama A x



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