Eli will always know that you are his big brother

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The following letter was written by Jessica of  The Legacy of Leo. It’s written for her son Leo who was sadly born still at 37 weeks. She writes to tell him that he has become big brother.



Dear Leo,
Did you know that you are a big brother now? I’d planned to write to you before your little brother arrived, but he had other plans and I ran out of time. Your little brother is called Eli, and I so wish you were here to meet him. He is just like you – big lips and lots of dark hair. Everyone loves his dark hair, so I’m sure they would have loved yours too – if they met you.
How does it feel to be a big brother? I hope you are proud. When we said goodbye to you, we asked you to answer all the questions that you could, so we understood why you couldn’t stay, and to help your little brother or sister arrive safely. You did a really good job, and it really helped us and helped others to look after your little brother. Thank you, baby boy.
Eli will always know that you are his big brother. We have already started telling him about you and making up stories about you for him. About his big brother, the king of the jungle, with a giant mane and loud, loud roar. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about you – more than it ever has been – but I think that’s just because we miss you even more now that your brother is here.
I hope you know that just because Eli is here, with us, doesn’t mean that you aren’t now. You will always be our first son, our first baby. You will not be forgotten and we will always parent you both – in different ways. You made us mothers and we will never forget that. You have given us so, so much – and I am so grateful for that. I wish you could be here, to grow, to run around, to laugh, to explore new tastes, and learn new words. I wish I could see you change and develop, and not just be the baby we held for three days. If we could change this, we really would.
You and Eli should be able to play together, but sadly you can’t, so we will do our best to create the next best thing for you both. To cherish memories and say your name. Always.
We love you, always.

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