My Promise To You

As part of National Autism Awareness Week I wanted to share another inspiring letter from Stacey Leigh whose son Jacob was diagnosed with Autism last year. You can follow their story through Stacey’s Blog as well as her…

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If I could talk to that mother who left the hospital that day I would tell her this about the year she’s about to live.

  As part of National Autism Awareness Week I wanted to share this inspiring letter from Claire. Claire is a mum of two beautiful boys and writes a blog Ned In The Clouds about Autism…

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Phenomenal Woman.

Darling Girl, There are times when there is something I really want you to know but I struggle to find the words. It reminds me of a time when my Dad, your Grandad, was trying…

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Her first best friend.

A letter to my firstborn To my Precious Prince, 11 years ago you came into our lives and changed them forever. Daddy and I were scared, at 20 years old we were so young and…

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An Open Letter To The Mum With The Red Coat

Dear Mum-with-the-red-coat, You probably won’t remember me. I saw you at the park on a rainy afternoon last week. I felt inclined to keep looking over and smiling at you because I sensed you were having…

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