Featured Artist : Bonnie Doman

On her work’s past, present and future PAST: I did a one year foundation course in Art at Kingston College and from there I went on to do a degree in Visual Communication at Camberwell College…

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‘Whatever you do don’t fall for him, he’s bad news’

Dear Paul, ‘Whatever you do don’t fall for him, he’s bad news,’ my friend said as we talked about you a couple of days after we’d met. You conformed to many negative male stereotypes- a…

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Featured Artist : Laxmi Hussain

On her work’s past, present and future  Past I’ve drawn for as long as I can remember…one of my earliest memories being recognised for my art was when I won a prize for a Christmas…

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I’ll go right back to the beginning

To my B, This is, I hope, the first of many letters I shall write to you over the coming years. What they shall contain is currently a mystery, but I envisage them being full…

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You are powerful because you are YOU

To Lolly and Avery: There’s been much talk, recently, about women and women’s rights. It made me consider the world in which you’ll come of age, and the culture that will surround you. While I…

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