I’m frightened of letting you down and missing precious days.

Dear L, I remember the first night you lay beside me, cocooned within your hospital cot. The surge of love I felt overwhelmed my every emotion, alongside an incredible realisation that you were mine. As…

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Your Dreams Are On Their Way

Dear Zain and Layra, A dream starts as a seed, the smallest little spark. You both started out that way. Daddy and I started with a dream of you and in fact what we were…

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A messy handbag = a chaotic mind

5 (Small) Pieces of Advice for my Daughter Dear Rae, A lot of advice that’s written these days tends to focus on the BIG stuff. Like how to have a healthy body image, be happy, have…

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I’m about to become a mummy to someone else soon

Hello sweetheart. Oh Bill. This is a hard thing to write. I have wanted to write this for months and months. And I knew I had to wait. Because I knew there would be more…

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