One day someone will tell you that you’re too fat. Or too thin. Or the wrong shape.

  The following letter is something I’ve been meaning to write to my daughter for some time now. I feel like the subject of body image is so huge I will probably end up writing…

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We are not perfect and nor would I want us to be

    The following letter was written by Hannah Horne for her sons Dexter and Theo. You can follow her on Instagram @midwifehorne           Dear Dexter and Theo, My gorgeous, precious…

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Stay in your books baby, and the world is yours

  The following letter was written by Jada for her is year-old son Jaden. You can follow both of them on Instagram for more of her stunning photography (and check out Jaden’s account too! He’s…

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The beat to my heart.

      The following letter was written by Alex for her beautiful daughter Phoebe. You can read more of Alex’s work though her blog A Side Order Of Me or follow her and Phoebe…

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Eli will always know that you are his big brother

  The following letter was written by Jessica of  The Legacy of Leo. It’s written for her son Leo who was sadly born still at 37 weeks. She writes to tell him that he has…

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