Have you noticed how everyone is different?

The following letter was written by Jessica of The Legacy of Leo, for her son Eli. It’s written with him as a ten year old in mind and touches on an important life lesson to him…

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In your 37 weeks and 4 days you have made the world fall in love with you

The following letter was written by Jessica of The Legacy of Leo. This was the first letter written for her son Leo who heartbreakingly was stillborn. It was written whilst still in hospital with him, in…

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You are here with us and it’s wonderful

    The following letter is from Jessica who blogs at The Legacy of Leo for her son Eli. Sadly Eli’s older brother Leo was stillborn and Jessica and her wife are passionate about sharing…

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I honestly thought that we would never find a name we liked

  The following letter was written by Anastacia Ackers to her son Sebastian before he was born and explains to him how his parents finally came up with his name.         Dear…

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Being pregnant with you was the scariest time of my whole life

  The following letter was written by Alanna Salter to her little boy Theo when he was 9 months old. Alanna and her husband Simon are the creators of Still Parents a retreat for other bereaved…

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