Letters To Loved started as a collection of letters for my daughter.

When I became a mother I started to feel a strong urge to create some sort of legacy for her. Experiencing the untimely death of my father days before her birth made this need to pass on a kind of lasting part of me and a record of my love for her and our life together all the more poignant.

It’s not to say this was about sombre goodbye letters, far from it. Aside from the usual crammed iPhone of photos and videos, I wanted to hold a mirror up to her childhood and record some of the things that she was too young to understand or remember.  It was a way of making sure I remembered to tell her funny stories about family members she hadn’t met so she had a sense of where she came from.  It was an opportunity to share any valuable life lessons I could offer as her mother and try to advise her away from the mistakes I know she just probably still needs to make for herself. To use this time when all she wants to do is play with a mountain of plastic toot, to create something of personal value for her in later life.

When I started writing her letters, there were times the words would pour onto the page and other times I felt exactly what I wanted to say but would sit there completely blank from the pressure of finding the perfect way to say it.

When I couldn’t find my own words I started to look into the words of others. It seemed as though lots of other people throughout history were thinking the same. Each of them setting time aside to pass on something they felt was important.

Some might think it’s a little antiquated in a world of modern communication. Some hail letter writing as a dying art form. All I know is I feel differently when I hold a letter in my hands. It does something more for me and that’s what I wanted for her. To be able to hold my words with her whenever she might need or want them.

From dusty books, modern day blogs and all corners of the internet, Letters To Loved is a collection of beautiful and moving letters from mothers and fathers to their children.

They have inspired me and spurred me on to lovingly create something for my daughter and I’m sharing them in the hope that they might inspire you too.


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