Tomorrow you become a big sister

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Juno. Tomorrow you become a big sister. Mum and Dad have wondered if our second daughter will look like her beautiful big sister, with her mums brown locks and her dads monkey toes. Or will she be totally different!? After 38 weeks of waiting, tomorrow we will finally get to find out.

In years gone, people talked about the baby who comes after a baby who died being a replacement child, but I want, I NEED you to know that it’s all complete and utter nonsense. You are absolutely irreplaceable, you were made in your own uniqueness. We forged you from our own essence, we love you with such a fierceness, and miss you more than we could ever, ever imagine. It is actually completely impossible to describe.

Our love for you is so great that at times it feels difficult to bear such intense emotion. But we do so with such incredible pride and wouldn’t take any of it back if it meant not having you in our lives.

Tomorrow we are destined to get a lot busier; and we hope to embark on a more traditional parenting journey. Nappy changes, sleepless nights, endless feeding and we very much hope, nurturing your sister for the years to come. Watching her grow.

It is sure to be both magical and painful, as with every milestone we pass, we will wish that you had the same opportunities in this life. We will forever wish that you could have been buddies, that play and laugh together, that share a life together, bridesmaids for one another, sisters that confide in each other when you are hacked off with your somewhat overprotective and overbearing parents. All these things and a thousand more.

Please our darling girl, however busy we become, you have to know, that you are still –

Just as loved. Equally missed. You are the daughter that made me forever a mother. The very proudest mother. You are no less important, nor cherished. Now and forever.

Yours always,


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