Artwork Credit: Wonder & Rah


The following poem was written by Stephanie (you can find her on Instagram @seppicino) for her son.


Balloon Mobile


We bought you balloons,

symbolic, you see –

so you’ll know if you want to,

you’re free to be free.


We won’t tether you down

to us or our home,

we want you to wander,

we urge you to roam.


We’ll untie the rope,

you can float as you please

and we’ll be here waiting,

your daddy and me.


We won’t cringe at goodbyes,

or sob as you go,

we’ll not stand there maudlin

in sadness and woe.


Son, we will cheer you

as you fly away

to adventure this world,

to go seize your day,


to shoot through the skies,

and master terrain,

battle with oceans,

and leap over flames.


The Earth is your playground,

this planet, your toy,

and when you come home

we’ll be waiting, my Boy.


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