Your Dreams Are On Their Way

Dear Zain and Layra,

A dream starts as a seed, the smallest little spark.
You both started out that way.
Daddy and I started with a dream of you and in fact what we were given swelled our hearts, blew our minds and was so much more than we ever, ever imagined.
As you sit on the kitchen table and draw because its one of my greatest passions and you both want to be like me, a dream which I started has already begun to spark seeds in you.
“Do I want to be like mummy? Or do I want to be like daddy?”
When you grow up you’ll know it isn’t about being like us that fulfills a dream.
A dream can be anything you wish it to be, but you need to have courage to listen to your heart and the strength of your soul to see them through.
I started writing this letter thinking I should explain to you why I worked so hard on a dream when you were young, why I always spoke about you being my dream and I still pursued further.
You are already so much more than I ever imagined, you are my journey, you are my biggest passion.
Teaching you that life is precious and you have to seize the day.
Showing you that hard work is real and is worth it.
Inspiring you to inspire others.
Reminding you to be kind about your choices, to others and yourself.
The best dreams are those that keep growing, like you.
One day you’ll be sharing your dreams with me and although I always tell you to stop growing so fast, that’s the one thing I cannot wait to see.
Your dreams are on their way….
Mama xx

Photo: Sing Lee

This beautiful letter was written by the very talented artist Laxmi Hussain for her children Zain and Layra. You can see more of Laxmi’s work here including the artwork (top) that accompanies the letter which is available to buy through the shop. You can also purchase more of Laxmi’s work through her online shop.

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