I honestly thought that we would never find a name we liked


The following letter was written by Anastacia Ackers to her son Sebastian before he was born and explains to him how his parents finally came up with his name.





Dear Bump,

Even before we knew you were a boy, your Dad and I began thinking of names. I started a little notebook and each time I heard a name I liked, I jotted it down. Now this list got full pretty quickly and I’m not going to lie, there were some awesome names on there, like Alfie and Harry. I love these names! The problem is, your dad didn’t like them. I’m not talking about a slight dislike to the names here Bump, I’m talking a dislike so severe that he almost shuddered when he heard them.

One evening we were batting names back and forth, and the conversation followed the following format:

Me: (eagerly) How about Luca?

Dad: Absolutely not. (Eagerly) How about Keith?

Me: KEITH?!?

Dad: Yeah, after Keith Moon!

Me: Absolutely not. We can’t have a baby called Keith

Dad: Ok, how about Jeff?

Me: JEFF?!?

Dad: Yeah, after Jeff Buckley.

Me: Right, you need to desist with the old man names.

There was a theme emerging here Bump and it was musically shaped!

Now, I liked the idea of naming you after a really talented musician but these names were not ticking any boxes for me. We had numerous conversations like the one above, and there were times I would pray for you to kick or move or do something at the mention of a name as a sign but nope, Bump, you had probably tuned out by this point as the suggestions became even more ridiculous. (Please ask your dad about his plans for your first name to be Thom and your middle name to be Yorke after the singer from Radiohead). Your dad and I simply could not agree, and I honestly thought that we would never find a name we liked.

Then one day, quite unexpectedly your dad turned to me and said:

Dad: How about Sebastian?

Me: Sebastian?

Dad:  (Tentatively) …Yeah?


Dad: You do? Me too!

Cue lots of excitement abounding as we had your name, Sebastian James! I think that I may have momentarily gone into shock/deafened myself screaming as we both truly love this name.

Now Seb, dad will insist that you are named after Sebastian Vettel the Formula One driver, but we both know its because the name appears in two of Shakespeare’s plays. I’ll introduce them to you one day Seb, I think you’ll love them!

Until next time, Bump!

Mum xx


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