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As part of National Autism Awareness Week I wanted to share another inspiring letter from Stacey Leigh whose son Jacob was diagnosed with Autism last year.

You can follow their story through Stacey’s Blog as well as her YouTube channel.



My Letter And Promise To You My Precious Son

I sit here while you nap glaring over at your beautiful little face and perfect lips, where has the time gone? I can’t believe you will be three in less than two months.  I shed a tear with happiness thinking about the joy you have brought into our lives.

In Sept 2016 you was officially diagnosed with Autism. We heard those words that we fought for but they were also the words that broke my heart. We knew from October 2015 you had Autism, it just wasn’t confirmed as we had to fight for you. I still remember welcoming you into the world, your beautiful big brown eyes, your jet black hair (you had so much hair) and your beautiful tiny fingers and toes. We noticed quirky behaviour when you was 9 month’s and then again when you was 13 months. We had to fight for professionals to see what we saw.

Autism is a part of you Jacob, it always has been. You are a part of us and we will get through this together. Nothing has changed apart from now we can seek and provide the tools to help you thrive and learn more.

I am so happy and grateful that I was able to notice the red flags early, so we can get you the support from so early on.

Your big sister has been amazing, the love she has for you is breathtaking, you have one hell of a sister. She loves you so much! For Reika your diagnosis is nothing, she said ‘Mum he is who he is, he’s always been Jacob’

This diagnosis doesn’t define you! You are still Jacob the sweetest, loving, and happiest boy in the world. You are such a joy to be around.

Daddy and I will make sure we do everything in our power to help you grow, learn and be the best version on yourself.

I never thought of myself as a parent with a child of special needs, but here we are, here I am, a parent with a child with Autism. I am in love with you! You inspire me to be the best mum I can be.

As your mummy I promise to:

Always Listen to you – You are currently non-verbal but it doesn’t mean you don’t communicate and have feelings. I will always pay attention to what you are trying to tell me. It’s crazy but I just know what you want and need.

Love you for who you are – I loved you even before you were born. I promise to love you and look past any Autism label. I love the way you spin and don’t get dizzy, or flap your arms when you are excited.

Smile when I see you – Even with all the sleepless night’s, I will continue to smile each time I see your face and get excited and give you a big kiss and cuddle and say ‘goodie morning!’

Explore – As much as I want to keep you close at all times, I know that you’re your own person and in order to grow and to gain social/motor skills you need to explore even when it scares me I will encourage you, but I will be right by your side.

Keep you safe  – There are some mean people in this world and it scares me so much that someone could or would want to hurt you. I will always keep you safe.

Unconditional Love – I will love you no matter what you become, say or do. My love for you is unconditional.

I promise to do my best – I’m not perfect and mummy will make mistakes and get upset sometimes with the lack of sleep, or tiredness from looking and caring for all your needs and may even raise my voice but I am only human and will continue to be the best mum I can be.

Help you follow your dreams – I promise to never guide you to a career we feel is better for you or shatter your dreams. I will never limit you to what the doctors have limited you to, yes you have Autism but the world is yours and I will help you do whatever you want in life. I will encourage your dreams and help you explore your passions, and to always believe in you.

Thank you so for blessing our family and showing us a new way of life. Thank you for opening our eyes and showing us the real beauty of life. You have changed us as people and I will be forever grateful.

I will continue to raise awareness for Autism through my blog, YouTube and social media until everyone understands.

I thank God for blessing us with you

Mummy xo

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