Your independence is growing as quickly as your crazy, out of control hair!

Artwork: Charlotte Peach

Photo: Nicky Robinson

The following letter was written by Nicky Robinson and you can also read a previous letter to her daughter here on the site.




Dear B

I’m lying here with you snuggled up beside me. You are poorly, you see, and have decided the only way you will sleep is if you are cuddling me. And it reminded me of when you were a tiny baby. It was the same then – you had a lovely carrycot, but cottoned on very quickly to the fact that a willing pair of arms was much more cosy and comfortable. It didn’t happen all the time, but what felt like the majority of it. Which, on one hand, was rather restricting – you can’t get much washing up done when you have a baby in your arms. Or hoovering. Or ironing. (What’s my excuse now, I hear you cry?!) But then again, the amount of TV I managed to catch up on because there was “absolutely no way I can move from the sofa, I have to cuddle the baby as she’s asleep” was truly spectacular. And as long as a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit or two were in reach it wasn’t too unbearable.

Recently, though, the last thing you have wanted to do is cuddle. Your independence is growing as quickly as your crazy, out of control hair! You do this cute little thing where you come up to someone, tilt your head towards them and demand they kiss it. But you’ve definitely grown out of the cuddly, baby stage. Which is cool. I mean, who needs cuddles anyway, right? Most of them are too tight, and go on for too long, and you end up all hot from all that body contact. But it’s nice to know that under the growing up, tantrum-ing toddler, my cuddly baby is lurking somewhere. Even if she only comes out when it’s snot-induced, she is still there. And I hope she always will be. There are times when only a hug will fix whatever it is that is hurting you or making you sad. I know that from experience. Words and actions won’t always help, but a hug, filled with love and support, and whatever you may need to get you through, will always be there for you. Whenever you need it. You will always be my tiny baby. And my heart will cuddle you forever.


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