I wanted to try and put into words a mother’s love

Photo: @frankie_leigh

The following letter was written by Frankie Leigh for her little girl Luna. You can follow them both on Instagram.

To my baby girl,
I wanted to try and put into words a mother’s love. When I look at you, some days I feel so overwhelmed by how much I love you. It scares me how protective I feel of you. A mother’s love makes me want to pull you close and keep you wrapped up forever, while also being so excited to see you grow, become your own person and go off on incredible adventures. Even if it takes you across the world, I’ll be there being your biggest cheerleader with a tear in my eye. It is the kind of love that makes the days you countdown to bedtime, end up with me watching you sleep because I feel bad wishing the last few hours away and I miss you. It drags you out of bed, even when you are so tired you can barely open your eyes, because you have had a nightmare or don’t feel well. And you enjoy the fact that despite it being 2am, that you are the person to sooth the worries and make you feel better. It is a love that is all consuming. When we are apart, I think of you all the time; if you are ok and having fun, what next adventure we can go on. It’s the kind of love that keeps you awake at night worrying about all manner of things. It causes you to feel so much pride you want to tell strangers the new thing you have learnt. It is loving someone so much that they are your highest priority.
Some days I’m sure we will fight and you won’t agree with my decisions. But please know my baby girl, it really is all for you, even if you can’t always see it. It’s to keep you safe and to help you make the right decisions long term. A mother’s love is the best feeling in the world and I am so lucky you are mind.
Remember this always and forever (especially when you are 16!)
Mama xxx

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